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Drop down menu doesn't work when on user reviews

I have a problem where whenever I’m on the ‘User Reviews’ section of an album on the site, the drop down menu in the search bar doesn’t work properly. Results will show up but when I go to click on them the menu disappears and I can’t click on them. So I have to type the full album title/artist name in and search or go to a different part of the site to use the drop down menu.

I don’t have this issue. I think there may be an issue with the search bar disappearing at certain given times but I’m 99% there isn’t a correlation between user reviews and the drop-down menu or search bar.

It happens 100% of the time when I’m on an albums user reviews, never on any other part of the site. There’s definitely a correlation, at least for me anyway.

I should clarify it’s not when on specific reviews, but on the user review overview. Here’s a link so you can see which page I mean:

What browser do you use?