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Duplicate artist name

Hey @Rob
There’s this band from the 80s named Luna and they only have one album. The name Luna is already reserved so I was wondering if you could duplicate the name.
Thank you.

Hey @Rob, there’s an alternative rock band named Gloria who just released an EP today. However, the name is already reserved by the psychedelic rock band named Gloria. Can you create a duplicate for this band too?

@Rob Would it be possible to also duplicate the band Extinction, someone already used the name for a band with no ratings and just an EP from 2005 so im trying to get a different band in with the same name.
The Extinction I want in

@Rob Would it be possible to duplicate the name Naïve? I’m trying to add a release from this band, but the name is already taken

@Rob Would it be possible to duplicate the band name Rapture? Currently there is a Greek thrash/death metal band on here. But there was also another Finnish metal band called Rapture from the 2000s that I’d like to add. They were a melodic doom/death metal with 3 full length albums.
Also to note the band name is just “Rapture.” And not THE Rapture (which that band also exists lol)
Hopefully this is the best place to post this

Please can we duplicate the band name “Bangs” and add this band Bangs | Discography | Discogs