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Suggestion to add a feature where you can edit your ratings like you can on reviews which would be a lifesaver, especially for someone like me who changes opinions on the album or on the song all the time.


You more or less can do that… you just delete your current rating and then re-rate it. That’s what everyone does…

yeah, but sometimes you wanna do a little change to the rating without losing the date of when you first-rate it.

Eh, it’d be dishonest. When you edit a review it lets you know that it’s been edited at a later date. I don’t really see a need for this.


that kinda what I’m saying tho, when you edit your rating it should show you when it’s been edited alongside when it was first rated, as the reviews do.

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That’s valid, I stand neutral on this.

I completely agree with this. It is obnoxious if you have to even slightly change ratings on several albums and they all become your most recently rated albums, even if you only tweaked it by a couple points. Nobody wants to see your latest re-rated album as the most recent.


Totally agree. I made a post about this a few months ago and hope it gets added.