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End of Year Poll


Taken directly from Pitchforks End of Year Poll
Create one for the users of this site, I think it would make for a very interesting poll

Ten slots for Best Albums of the Year
Ten slots for Best Songs of the Year
Three slots for Best New Artists
One slot for the Most Overrated Album of the Year
5 slots fot the best Music Videos of the Year
5 slots for the most Underrated Albums of the Year
1 slot for Best Comeback Album
1 slot for Worst Critic Review site of the year
1 slot for Best Critic Review site of the year
3 slots for best EP

What else?
And is this a plausible idea?
I mean if Pitchfork can do it, I reckon AOTY can too!
Also this is my first year at this site, so if this is already a thing, spare my feelings, I’m sensitive ^^,