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Error made by moderators on Pink Floyd box set + album

The Later Years, an extensive, multi-album box set, and The Later Years 1987-2019, a 12-track compilation album, were mistakenly merged by a moderator, despite my warning on the comments of both pages not to do so, because one is a box set, and one is a separately-sold compilation album that does not appear as part of the box set, despite the similar titles. My lengthy review for The Later Years box set has been seemingly deleted as a result, which is incredibly disheartening and demotivating. This is obviously quite a remarkable stuff-up, and I’m wondering if this can be reversed somehow? Especially getting my review for the box set back? Also, how does one become a moderator on AOTY?

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Gonna throw a Hail Mary here and tag @Rob, since there’s been no reply from anyone yet. Also tagging @Leo_AV since they’re lasted as one of the “Contributors” on the erroneously merged page.

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Apologies about the review being removed. It was mostly likely due to the fact that you had reviews on both and the one from the Box Set didn’t come over in the merge. I was probably a little hasty in merging them, but all of the critic reviews seemed to be for the Box Set and they all had the 1987 - 2019 in the title.

Feel free to add the box set and let me know which critic reviews should go to which. I also did find a cached copy of your review, so you can add it again:

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Thanks a lot for helping recover my deleted review; I wonder if HoodieBraden is willing to restore his like on the review also… probably not! Haha! For convenience, I’ve compiled a list of changes to be done:

On The Later Years 1987-2019:

  • Change the hyphen (-) in the title to an en dash (–)
  • Change release type to “Compilation”
  • Add label “Pink Floyd Records”
  • Add genre “Progressive Rock”
  • Remove the Allmusic and Rolling Stone reviews

On The Later Years:

  • Add genre “Progressive Rock”
  • Add the Allmusic and Rolling Stone reviews
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