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With the site being updated with a wider variety of music publications I was just wondering what everyone’s favourite publication is? Which one do you trust the most or find gets it right the majority of the time? For the majority of albums I value Pitchfork’s score the most, however when its a big artist like Kanye West for example, or just an over-hyped popular artist I think they can be so predictable and suck ups even when the music is obviously below par.


I don’t think any review site out there is very reliable with scores at all (especially pitchfork for me), but I will say that TinyMixTapes at least reviews some of the more interesting music out there today.

edit: whoops totally forgot, never really disagreed with Resident Advisor’s scores too much


I notice that a lot of my taste in music reflects in certain publications. Mojo, Q, and Under The Radar seem to be who I agree with. God is in the TV has also been a reliable source