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Feature Suggestions


Just a couple of ideas I would like to throw out there, that I think would improve the site:

Random Album Feature: a button on the site that will take you to a completely random album, much like the random page button on Wikipedia

Liking and Disliking Comments: a basic aspect of social media, if we can like the reviews, why not be able to like the comments and have a top comment as well, this will encourage more engagement and growth as a community

Tag Folders: i am one of those people who loves to use the tag feature to organize my music, it would be nice to be able to organize those tags into folders, to make them easier to sort through (ex: record labels, genres, etc.)

Have a completely new category of music just for bandcamp releases, to promote underground music and bands not currently on labels


Thanks for the suggestions, all will be kept in mind.

Just a quick note that there is a link to random album / artist in the footer of the site.