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So I’m going to Green Man festival later this year and there’s a lot of artists I love on the line up but there’s also loads I don’t know. As a way of trying to make sure I don’t miss out on an artist/band I might love I’ve been searching most of the ones I don’t know on AOTY. I’ve already found a few that seem to have really positive ratings and reviews which is great.

So basically I was wondering if there was an easier format for this - can be a bit longwinded to type every individual artist up from the line up. Maybe upload the festival and when you click on it, it shows you the highest rated artists that are attending? This is just a little idea but I feel there may be an opportunity to expand on it.


that would be p cool i think! maybe have like a html5 overlay on top of a lineup poster and have hyperlinks to each artist on aoty over the artist name in the poster :smiley:

(i dont do web coding tho so idk how practical or labor-intensive this would be for yall :zipper_mouth_face: sorry if thats too much)

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