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What was the first album y’all guys listened to?

It was “To Be Kind” the first album that i listened to entirely in 2015.

and i know i am still a newbie in the music world but it’s alright. and since then i listen to only highly rated albums on that site. i think i don’t want to listen to the low rated ones because i don’t want to waste any damn time.

Now, i got into music a little bit and made a account and listening.

so what’s your tips for me do i discover new artists or just stick with only the highest rated?

I just want any tips from y’all on what to do in this summer with me having a lot of time to listen because i hear about genres and artists and great albums that i never heard before.

i spent my last 2 years listening to swan, kendrick, kanye. sufjan and ETC…

but now i just want more and more…

and i am not any close to all of your countries…i come from far far away, so even the legendary artists are unknown for me.

so should i go back to old records and old artists or keep up with the new ones?


The Verve - Urban Hymns

In 1997 when i was 2 year old

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I was exactly like you when I first made an account on AOTY lol, kind of nice to read. What I did was go back to old ‘classic’ albums as much as I could and only listen to contemporary stuff that got high ratings, unless I knew the artist and was intrigued. Watch theneedledrop of course even though he can be a bit of a dick sometimes he has gotten me into a lot of really great artists. Also, the feature on the site that allows you to see the highest user or critic albums of each year is beneficial to use. To be honest I still have so many old albums I need to check out but I think it will always be like that because there is just soooo much great music to listen too.

Just looking at your account now I wouldn’t say you were that much of newbie anyway you have a fair amount of pretty great albums rated, you’re on the right path.


Do exactly what Scott said.

My first album that made me really take music seriously was In Rainbows.

I was 13 and our high school marching band would bring up the 8th graders for one away game (I was in 8th grade). After the game had ended and we were heading home, I sat next to the high school drum captain, who I knew growing up. We both got along really well since we were both on the drum line. We were enjoying the ride when he asked me what I was listening to. I showed him - I’m On Everything by Bad Meets Evil (pretty terrible radio rap). At this point, my entire iPod was filled with radio singles and shitty rap; I thought I had great taste. He ripped the headphone jack out of my iPod and put it in his phone, and played All I Need by Radiohead. That next week I saw him again for the 8th grade home game, and had bought all of Radiohead’s discography.


Dad Rock jajaj

The Pokemon movie soundtrack


@Royalflush2 In that case, my first album was the Minish Cap soundtrack… Still the most underrated game of the series too.


Uh I think Somewhere More Familiar by Sister Hazel was the first album I listened to in full. The first album I bought myself was Korn’s Self-titled? Maybe, probably. I eventually became more interested in music when I came across Mr. Bungle in high school and that led me to John Zorn, Zappa, Beefheart, Tom Waits, etc.


First album I listened to was Silent Alarm by Bloc Party. I mean I’ve been listening to all types of music for a long time now, but what I tend to do is shift from old classic albums to newer albums, depending on the artists I listen to, and having last fm is perfect for that, or just typing on Google ‘‘artists like so and so’’ AOTY and Last fm helped me find bands like Tame Impala and Grizzly Bear. Definitely listened to some lower rated of genres that you like, because some may surprise you.


My first album I listend to was Demon Day by the Gorrilaz. I was 5 and I saw that it was a “cartoon band” so I bought it at my local walmart. Little did I know it allow me to appreciate music that was more “out there.” Although I don’t think the album is as God like as I thought it was when I was young. It’s still a great album. Plus, I mean, Dooms in it, can’t beat that.


my first album was Meet The Beatles!, purchased in 1965 (or maybe 1966), though to be fair I already had their single Eight Days a Week/Don’t Want to Spoil the Party.

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I am reacting and must say, that i was searching on my memory very much and i thing it was album from

Pet Shop Boys - Very.

I didn´t find the image on a cassette what i remember on internet so it could be some similar album from the same year. We listened this album thousandtimes :v) on our small car. It was lucky childhood.

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Mine had to be an Eminem greatest hits album


My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

Was my shit around the time of its release. fond memories of listening to the downloaded files my sister got from limewire and playing halo 2 and burnout 3 along with it. occasionally still bump Helena and The Ghost of You, not even ashamed.


Avril Lavigne - Let Go

I was OBSESSED. Knew all the words. Knew the lengths of all the songs. For some I could even tell you how many seconds in the chorus first hits.

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The first album I listened to all the songs from was probably Walking With Strangers by The Birthday Massacre? Definitely something by The Birthday Massacre, although I mainly listened to them by just listening to songs individually, not in an album, but I did eventually listen to the entirety of some of their albums.

I think Green Day’s American Idiot was the first album I actually fully listened to as an actual proper album with the songs in the proper order, rather than randomly listening to a song or two from it on repeat like I initially did with The Birthday Massacre

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Though I regret it, Dressed To Kill by KISS

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Dude! Gentlemen don’t KISS and tell.

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I would throw out the idea that bad albums aren’t worth your time. I used to exclusively listen to the masterpieces that artists had come up with and I feel like I had such a weak understanding of music. I would find artists you like and listen to everything and see what you like. Ratings are kind of an imperfect way of talking about music and aggregate scores of an album definitely don’t encapsulate the quality of a record.