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A question for @admins

I’m putting in 4-5 requests a day to resolve artwork, and it’s not always done w/ the correct piece that I’ve linked. I really love using this site and feel like the album covers are a big part of what makes the site aesthetic so enjoyable. Is there any way that - without getting like, overlord admin access - users can request to be empowered to make adjustments to superficial details like artwork? I’ve got an enormous database of high quality artwork at my disposal, and excellent attention to detail when it comes to recognising the true original sleeves - especially where singles are concerned, this can be a real mess on here.


Yeah I really think allowing users to be “verified” in a manner that allows them to make edits would be really beneficial. If @Rob still wants to approve everything, perhaps there might be a way for edits to be submitted differently? I’m picturing like a form with each section of info on the release, where you can edit it and then submit the new version for review.

Definitely. I think the ‘open season’ model on Discogs can breed a lot of contempt, but if you could be verified - even, as I say, for just minor editing privileges - that would be supremely useful.

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