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Fixing polarizing user ratings

This has been said before but this needs to be addressed. Many users have been 0 bombing albums for no reason. Not because they dislike it. Most of these accounts have extremely polarizing ratings. Giving 2s or less to indie or more experimental artists while giving 100s to pop albums. There’s nothing wrong with preferring pop music but these accounts clearly haven’t listened to the music being rated.

There needs to be a way to help balance out all these unfair scores. By lowering the weight of polarizing users or forcing them to write a review for extreme ratings.

I don’t have reviews for all my extreme scores, but I wouldn’t mind if it meant, albums would be safe from assholes 0 bombing.


I think just deleting accounts that don’t appear to be genuine user ratings works well. What if I feel extremely about an album legitimately, and don’t have much to say about it? Locking to reviews allows for just simple “a. That’s the review!” moments.

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