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Flag 'reviews' as comments

The fact that this site has separate sections for reviews and comments is great. Similar rating sites with more hits like Letterboxd don’t even have it. However, people are posting meme like comments for likes as reviews. E.g.

“Not a Sopranos reference. 0/10”
“Oops! All Kevin”
“Anyone who says the first 20 seconds is “Black Midi vibes,” please listen to more music that aren’t the same three RYM-core bands and go outside holy shit you guys are annoying.”

If I want to read a review, I’d prefer to go to the review section and actually see a review rather than these comments where users are just fishing for likes trying to a comedian. The above posts should be in the comment section, not the review section.

Does ‘marking as low quality’ do this? Or does there need to be something else.

Tbh I don’t see a problem with this. Not everyone wants to write deep a analysis of every project they rate on the site. Most users treat it as their personal log of stuff they’ve listened to over time and just jot down some quick thoughts they had at the time. Also dividing the review section into two would make it more barren, which would suck imo. There definitely should be a better way of filtering out these types of reviews, especially now that track ratings are available on most recent releases as well as a handful of older albums. I also agree that the way the “mark as low quality” feature works should be explained better or at all for that matter. I think it being basically a dislike button, but more hidden along with the report option could provide a good way of filtering out low quality reviews, like the one I linked above, without encouraging bullying & mob mentality.

I’m not asking for the the review section to be divided into two. There is already a comment section for releases. The examples in my post belong there. “Not a Sopranos reference. 0/10” and“Oops! All Kevin” in particular are not reviews. They are users trying to be funny and fishing for likes. I’d rather see track ratings. At least that tells you what the user liked or disliked. These meme comments tell you absolutely nothing about the album.