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Lately, I’ve noticed that when I go to click on a genre through an album’s page, I’m brought to a new one. In this, it only shows albums of that genre from its year. Unless a genre is in the genre filter, there is no way to look at highest rated albums of a decade or of all time. I had wanted to see the highest rated dream pop albums, to find some to listen, but the page it brings me to, doesn’t have that feature. Could we just go back to what it once was?


I don’t have this issue.

If you go to the genre page for Dream Pop and click view more for critics or users you can still choose the decade. If you’re having an issue finding it I’ll link it just below this.

Critics highest rated Dream Pop albums by year

Users highest rated Dream Pop albums by year

If you’re struggling to find a way to change the year but can find these pages, right under the title there is a drop-down menu called Decade and by default, it sets to all. Just clicking this should provide you with all of the decades available. After clicking it you should be able to see all 10 years within the decade you selected listed just under the menu bar.

Hope this helped and I also hope that I didn’t completely misunderstand your question!

No clue how you got to that page. Could you elaborate? I’ve been trying to get to that but couldn’t.

You can go directly to the Best Albums page and sort by genre. The way I did it when I suggested it to you was from the Genre page and selecting a genre but the best albums would bring you even quicker if you’re looking for critic reviews over user reviews. (User reviews are just one extra click). From there you have many sorting options.

Glad I could help!

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Thanks! A little inconvenient compared to what we used to be able to do, but at least we can still do it.

What did you use to be able to do?

Simply clicking on the genre link off of an album would bring me to that page.

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Oh okay, I see the issue now. Instead of going to the Best Albums page, it goes to the New Releases page.

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