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Genres in the "details" section

While adding some stuff to the website I noticed that the genre suggestions in some albums weren’t showing

I made the assumption that the genres weren’t showing because there weren’t enough votes, however that didn’t seem to be the reason

Here are some albums that have multiple genre suggestion yet some don’t show up in the details section for some reason:

At this point I thought that 2 votes still weren’t enough votes despite that making not a lot of sense since the Progressive Rock suggestion had the same votes as the Art Rock one in El Jardin de los Presentes, and yet Art Rock didn’t show in the details section

I got even more confused when out of pure curiosity I checked out the genre suggestions for other albums, The Glow Pt.2 and Merriweather Post Pavilion, all suggestions have 1 vote (the Indie Folk, Lo-Fi and Psychedelic Folk suggestions in TGP2 had 1 vote prior to me voting) and only some are showing. I thought that there was some sort of algorithm or something that filtered wrong tags, that would explain why the Indietronica tag wasn’t showing in MPP. That also didn’t make much sense, I added the Noise Rock suggestion to The Glow Pt.2, in my and many others opinion a pretty valid tag for the album, yet it didn’t show up

After all of this confusion the only thing I could deduce was that there was a genre limit in the details section, 3 genres and no more

And well, no, I was wrong again, How to Leave Town by Car Seat Headrest has not 3 but 5 genres in the details section

Soooo, how does this work exactly?


When suggesting a genre, most of the time it isn’t automatically added to the genres section. Also, from my own experience, the more you use the genre feature, the more “relevance” your suggestions get, and with some time, they can get added with just your own vote. However, I’m not entirely sure how the system works, so maybe I’m wrong

This is pretty much how it works right now. It’s just a suggestion system, currently, they aren’t auto added as genres. There are some users that are pretty trustworthy with their suggestions, so theirs go live via a script eventually. I’m continually looking to expand this list of users so hopefully the tagged genres will continue to improve.