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Help Collaborate on a M.O.O.N. Spotify Playlist! (Ends June 21st!)

'A lot of people take music and reviewing pretty seriously, which I also admire but I also see a lot of people say how from doing so, it takes away from the fun of listening to music. Which is how we all became such huge fans in the first place!
AOTY is the greatest website ever and brings a lot of attention to under appreciated music but it also contributes to the feeling of dread when it comes to listening it seems…

Where should we go first!? I’d love to listen to Merzbow while on the Moon."
-@Space Vacation 's idea!

Here’s a link. Jump in! Feel free to add music you or your friends have made. Going to finalize this “Massive Observations / Otherworldly Neighborhoods” playlist 2020-06-21.

Have fun!

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“Chasing Moonbeams” - The Tornados
“Clouds across the Moon” - The RAH Band
“The Dreaming Moon” - The Magnetic Fields


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woah great ideas