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Help : looking for a Folk Rock album of the early 90'S

Hello All,
I am desperately looking for an album that I bought in 1993. I have lost it a very longtime ago and I remember a few details only : male singer with a similar voice as Tracy Chapman, the LP cover is black and white, showing the singer with his guitar. Maybe he wears a white tank top (?) I am not sure :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Released in 1992 ? 1993 ? even before 1992; I do not know; I have not been able to find it on this site :disappointed_relieved:
One of the track has a chorus like : “someday… sooooomehow, huuuuuuu… hu hu hu, hu hu huuuu…” and if I remenber well, on of the last song of the LP talks about a woman who is in Jail and talks on the phone to her boyfriend.
Please note that I am not talking about Billy Ray Cirrus, nor Chris Isaac.
Maybe someone can help me
Thank you :blush:

Are either if these it?