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So, I know this can sound like a pretty dumb idea, as we’re on AOTY for this reason, but I think an option to hide Critic, Friends and User reviews could be a good think. I would assume it’s pretty natural for us users to read some reviews or pieces of it before even listening to an album, but I do think it can influence some opinions and generate the same talking points across the reviews.

While I don’t think is an urgent issue, I think it would be a nice feature to have, especially if the users can decide if they want to minimize the reviews section or not.


I’ve only read @Rough Anti-bias suggestion and it’s pretty similar lmao

Sorry if it looks like a borrowed take, my bad

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I don’t know why you’d want to hide the reviews on… a critic aggregate and user review site… that doesn’t even have the best database out there. I know you have good intentions but if you don’t want opinions prior to listening to an album, I wouldn’t say this is a good space.


I get that, as I said it’s a pretty dumb idea and I know that’s why we are on the site. I guess it was just a thought that came to mind as I was rolling through the reviews, not something that ruins any experience. I just wanted to get it written and see what people thought about it, so I appreciate your comment, you’re probably right

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is this to say that AOTY is no space for original opinions?

Rice's AOTY Add-ons <this addon has an option for that

I just listen before reading reviews so I’m not possibly influenced by others. I don’t think this is needed.