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Highest Rated Singles on AOTY?

Is there any way AOTY could allow you to view the highest rated singles instead of just albums? Or does anyone have a list of some of the highest-rated?


I’ve always wanted to know too, so I assembled a list kinda recently. Here are the singles with 95+ that I could find. This list only includes songs with at least 5 ratings. Since I did this manually, the amount of artists that appear on here are super limited. I also am too lazy to be constantly updating this so things have probably shifted around.
(The order between songs with the same rating is random and doesnt mean anything)

Storm - Godspeed You! Black Emperor: 100
Life on mars? - David Bowie: 97
Nights - Frank Ocean : 97
Idioteque - Radiohead: 97
Electric relaxation - Tribe Called Quest: 97
Empire ants - Gorillaz: 97
90210 - Travis Scott: 96
There Is a Light That Never Goes Out - The Smiths: 96
U - Kendrick Lamar: 96
Purple Rain - Prince: 96
Bullet in the head - Rage Against the Machine: 96
Killing in the name - Rage Against the Machine: 96
Bombtrack - Rage Against the Machine: 95
Paranoid Android - Radiohead: 95
Runaway - Kanye West: 95
Venegance - Denzel Curry: 95
Aint it funny - Danny Brown: 95
Changes - David Bowie: 95
Space Oddity - David Bowie: 95
On meloncholy hill - Gorillaz: 95
Let it Happen - Tame Impala: 95
mAAd City - Kendrick lamar: 95

I hope you find this useful. If anyone can add on to this list that would be greatly appreciated.


Shoota by playboi carti?


Oh shit thanks. Did they just add that recently?

It’s been there every time I’ve tried to get it to ¯_(ツ)_/¯.I just went to a single with a high amount of ratings and clicked on the #2 part and set the decade to all. I think It’s only 25+ ratings or more stuff would be on it