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Homophobic comments for my review


you can see how homophobic and rude these commentators are.

I just wanna answer them all here: Well, I am gay and I have my pride. and my taste is none of your business!



Nobody on Earth should care about this.
It’s time to grow up and stop being offended by everything, thanks.


like seriously, one comment asked if you were gay which you admit you are and then responded by saying they themselves were gay too.
Nobody else said anything even close to homophobic, nor did he but especially nobody else.
People on your review stood up for you AND you got 9 upvotes… what the fuck do you want?

I’m sure you’re so brainwashed you’ll convince yourself that what I’m saying right now is homophobic too.


yes, you are also arrogant and ignorant.


Fucking loser.
I seriously hope you live a terrible life, you deserve it :slight_smile:


You guys both need to chill. There are many active gay users on AOTY and we clown on each other all the time (i.e. this).

The first commenter is clearly LGBT if you explore their linked tumblr (and note that the one comment on their profile is a play on the name of a gay porn star…). I think their comment is just joking about the numerous gay slang/stan culture terms you used across your review.

Not sure what you find homophobic about the second and third comments.

My comment on your review was also a play on this widely-memed tweet.

But also if someone feels truly offended there’s no need to call them a “fucking loser.” :slight_smile:


I do not see the “homophobic” comments, I am gay and politically incorrect, better not to linger over what people say and move on, and stop being “offended” by everything


Hey, uh… what?


You’re making the LGBT+ Community look bad, no one is this sensitive honestly, I am openly gay myself, but everyone has the right to express their opinions. Even if it is homophobic, we all have a right to freedom of speech… even though I am a little bit angry about the statement it’s supposed to be a joke… just grow up, and not everyone is going to be supportive of the LGBT+ community…