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How AOTY works at tie score?

Hi all!
I’m having a music project where i collect vinyl records. Aoty is a good tool for discovering excellent albums. I’m curious to know, how the score system works at tie points? If two albums both have a user score of 83, is it random how they are listed? And does the order change sometimes even if the scores remains the same?

For user score, it ranks whichever has the higher percent of users that “like” the album, which is the percent of ratings that are 70 or higher. For example, Radiohead’s OK Computer is ranked number one on the site’s highest rated albums of all time, even though it has an equal user score and less ratings than Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly, because 98% of users that rated OK Computer gave it a 70 or higher, while only 96% of users who rated To Pimp a Butterfly gave it a 70 or higher.

For critic score, I haven’t got a clue. The amount of critic reviews seems to be one of the parameters of tiebreaking; the site lists the two perfect-scoring albums with six reviews, Prince’s Sign O’ The Times and The Beatles’ Revolver, above the seven albums with five reviews, the 13 albums with four reviews, and so forth and so forth. However, I have no clue as to why Sign O’ The Times is number one and Revolver is number two…

This part isn’t right, not that it would be a bad way to do it. All scores go to four decimal places, so that usually causes some separation on the user score side. If you hover over the score in a ratings list, you can see the complete score.

Critic scores also go to four decimal places, but in the case of a tie like you see at the top, it’s sorted by number of reviews and then newer albums will appear first… The system doesn’t allow for two albums to have the same ranking so this was the next best option.


All scores go to four decimal places […] If you hover over the score in a ratings list, you can see the complete score.

Ah. I never knew this; thanks for pointing that out!