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How do genre suggestions work? Can we see them?

I’ve been suggesting a lot of genres for stuff I add and I never seen any of them appear. Do genres need multiple people to suggest them before they appear on the albums page?

Would it be possible to SEE all the suggested genres for an album? Maybe a link to a genre vote page, perhaps where you upvote or downvote them?


If this is answered somewhere else I can’t find it anywhere, the site FAQ is pretty bare


@Rob ? sorry to do this but this info isn’t anywhere on the site. How do genre suggestions work?


Same question from me. Why do we not see the genres and tags we added to an album?


I too will hop in here and ask how these work


It looks like there is no right algorithm for genres to show up as you wish, and it’s not so good. Talking of which, well, a friend of mine told me to visit this source and look up at their algorithms of genre recommendations, and I was pretty impressed. Even considering that the biggest part of their audio-database is hip-hop beats, they also have other genres in their collections. You should check it out, I’m telling you.

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I’m hoping to update the feature soon to allow some visibility into genres that have been suggested.

Hopefully it’ll make things more automated. Right now, three people have to suggest a genre to an album that doesn’t have a genre already assigned to it. Beyond that, it’s a manual process of me looking through the list.

There aren’t a whole lot of people suggesting genres to the same album right now, so it’s been a bit more difficult. Seeing other suggested genres might help change that.