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How do I add artists to the website?

Title explains it, I’ve read some other posts but they say it should be under the “add album” page… which it isn’t. Please help?

On the add album page, you need to search for the artist first. If it’s not in the database, it will ask you if you want to add it so you can then add an album.

I’ve done that! It doesn’t ask for me to add the artist since it gives me other suggestions ^^

If it’s only giving you Possible Matches, it’s because the artist you’re looking for -or- an artist with the same name is already in the database.

If you’re trying to add an artist with the same name as another artist in the database, the only way I know is to search / add it and add the artist’s country in parentheses and post a correction on the album page so Rob can fix it later.

EDIT: Also, I don’t know if your account is new on AOTY, but maybe there’s a cooldown before you can add an artist / album to the website. A lot of website do this to prevent spam. I’m not sure if AOTY is one of them.

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I’ll try this out! Thank you very much.

How do I post a correction?

@Rob sorry if this isnt the correct way, but could you possibly remove the (USA) from this artist? :

On any album page of the artist, you have a link submit correction right of the details panel. Even if it’s specific to this album, you can request a change for an artist too as there is no other way of doing it right now.

Thank you for the help! I managed to do it and now everything is in order ^^

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