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How do you update an artist's profile picture

Change this artist’s photo, please.

Update to this latest photo

I don’t know if it’s possible to update it. I never found any possible way to, but maybe it’s one of those things conveniently only available for premium users. There’s quite some artists who i wish had a picture added, but sadly, it’s more often the case that it’s not there

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Users can’t update artist photos, you need to ask Rob for a picture to get added.

Kinda understandable, but also not optimal if you ask me. Obviously i don’t make site policy, i doubt Rob will see this or care what i have to say about this all, but this way, you’re just gonna get a lot of unattractive looking band pages without a picture. The ‘no photo’ thing isn’t the best thing to look at obviously

I think he made it that way because of copyright issues but I’m not sure.

There must be a better way to automatically retrive official photos, like he does it for album covers.