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How does the "new releases" section in the homepage work?

Is it an algorithm that chooses what new albums to display? By popularity? Or are they handpicked by the staff? It came to my mind when I saw Nathy Peluso’s Calambre get 21 user ratings and not appear in the homepage over some other releases like Tempesst’s Must Be A Dream, which only got six user ratings. I find it unfair that only the albums with critic ratings get chosen to be on the homepage, specially because these sites sometimes rate albums most people don’t care about, and because they tend not to review or rate albums that are not in english or weren’t made by worldwide famous artists, and many releases go under the radar because of that. I would suggest to change that if possible.

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I think it’s not about any algorithm or criteria, it’s just all the albums cataloged in the site from the last few days, starting with the current one (today, for example, is October 7th, 2020, so the new releases from today appear first and so it goes).

I’m not sure I expressed myself properly (english is not my native language), but what I was talking about is the releases appearing here: the home page , not those in the new releases tab.