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Hi, I’m a newer user to AOTY and have been having a blast writing reviews and getting to know people who love discussing music.
I’m currently writing you because I was suggested to do so by some other amazing reviewers. The issue is that I clicked on the wrong email when making my account. I tried switching, but my phone wouldn’t let me so I stuck with it. This email is my school email though and is set to expire in 2 years. It would really suck if I had to make a new account and lose all of my reviews, ratings, and followers in two years.
Is there any way that my email could be changed so it isn’t shut down in a couple of years? I can provide my personal email if needed for a switch.
I also wrote an email to the support team (through the provided email) but I’m worried they didn’t get it.
Anyway, I appreciate y’all reading this and the work you do to make this site run. I wish you a phenomenal day/night!

@Missing_Lyriks :yellow_heart:

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Hey @Rob ant progress on this?

You said through email that we could do it, but I haven’t heard anything since and my account locked me out. I’m about to be offline for several days, but I just want to make sure that the consolidation is still happening.