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How to prevent fans who don't actually use the site from spamming ratings

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, every now and then an album is overrun by an artist’s core fanbase, causing the score to go higher than it would otherwise. I would absolutely love new people to join the community but just coming in and giving one album a perfect score and never returning to the site again is frustrating to see. The new album by Taylor Swift is a prime example for this.

When you click on the ratings tab to see what score each individual user has given, I’d guess that about 75% of all people that have given it a score of 100 haven’t rated anything else on the site.

I don’t know if there are already some measures implemented to prevent them from influencing the score too much and if there are, I’m sorry for bringing up a problem that has already been solved to an extent, but to see by how much the rating has risen over the last 24 hours is quite irritating, even though I do really like it, and I think there should be something preventing their scores from counting as much as someone who is active in the community and has rated 100s if not 1000s of albums.

Wouldn’t it therefore make sense to only count a users rating fully once they’ve given a rating to albums by about ~20 unique artists or something. I know this forum has a tier system and if that isn’t already a thing that I’m just unaware of on the main site, then I fully believe it should be.

I know it’s not a major problem with the site and it is something to be expected and obviously a lot of these reviews do end up being removed after a couple of days, which I’m grateful for at least, but what it does is it also ends up ruining the comment section on a lot of albums as it just gets filled up with things like “The bots are back” etc, which is obviously also a bit of a shame.


Let’s be honest, score based sites in general is already under scrutiny this summer.
Whether its the people that despise the artist or production that hasn’t listened to an album and score it the lowest possible or fan-base users that dish out perfect scores (Which I think is the current issue with AOTY).
The recent user-bombing on Metacritic (The Last of Us 2) and the audience user-bombing scores on Rotten Tomatoes (Captain Marvel) were so blatantly evident, both of these sites had to step in and alter the way users rate.
Whether this site will embargo unreleased albums from being rated until either release day (RT method) or certain hours until its lifted (Metacritic), time will tell.