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I can't see my username or anything


I can’t see anything on my account bm5x5


Your average rating was 28.8788. Can you explain your scoring method?


I listen to the album and score it from 1 to 100.
Then i write a review.


I’m not convinced that this is true.


I don’t understand what average rating has to do with anything.
You’re not helping.
Can i get a tech person to fix this


I don’t think there’s an easy fix to this one unfortunately.


I can’t see my profile either.
Is there a “easy fix” on that.
Here’s my review on a album


It’s not really a technical issue, your account was suspended due to your scoring method.

The overall user score of an album really isn’t that important that you need to give out 0s to bring it down.


I’ll create another account to give out 100s then


That’s the spirit.


Ok that was not a good idea.
How do you unsuspend your account.



Thanks alex.
I totally did not read that.
Rob did not warn me for that.


Well you didn’t deserve a warning anyways.


How do you unsuspend your account?


My guess would be to create a new account and rate albums legitimately


Your original account is open again.

I did delete everything from it after your “Robsucks” / “Fuck You Rob” outburst. I thought you were throwing in the towel with that.

Just act normal and you should be good.