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I put JustAReflektor on timeout


Would you guys be mad if I removed his scores from the site?


I wouldn’t be mad, but I do wonder what his reply on his Foo Fighters review was.


just “haha”


Oh, that’s disappointing.


His scores aren’t even reflective of his opinions, and he might be funny if he didn’t score sarcastically and just wrote stupid stuff. So yeah, I’m fine with his scores being removed. They’re stupid


free my mans


I hope so, considering he’s just a troll.


You could remove all of his scores up to the point where he started becoming a troll. That or he always had ironic scores and it just got worse over time. RIP Young Team review.


I can’t say that its wrong to do so, but it just saddens me. i find more than a decent amount of enjoyment from his reviews for some reason. RIP.


Is there a way to keep his reviews around but his ratings have no impact on scores? That would be ideal I think ^^
Some reviews are hilarious adds character to the site but the scoring is annoying.


But then you lose his real scores. Oh well…


R.I.P. JustAReflektor

JustAReflektor was a young boy, with dreams of being a NBA player when he grew up. JustAReflektor passed away after the police found his drug cavern in Northeast Zimababwe. He will be missed by everyone on the website known as AOTY. He is not the first person to pass away in the website. Shaz, one of the greatest heroes to come out of AOTY, also passed away due to the police. It’s in moments like these in which we must quietly grieve the loss of heroes.