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I want to automatically add Track 1 from every album on<lastmonth> to a playlist -- any idea how to do this?

What I want to do:

I want to get a list of every album released on a monthly basis. My thought is, I can add Track 1 from each album to one playlist and then click the Album Title in the playlist to get to the album. Since Spotify doesn’t allow to make collections/groups/whatever of albums or artists, this seems like the best way to accomplish that. I would basically have a list of all the albums released in a month (and could easily merge them together later for the full year!).

My thought: has a comprehensive list of albums released each month. For example, gives you everything in January that is an LP (album).

I can manually do this by splitting my screen half (or alt-tabbing), copying the text from AOTY site, pasting it into Spotify search, searching, finding/clicking the album, clicking Track 1, and then dragging it to the new massive playlist. This takes a long, long time. It works, but it’s ridiculously tedious and time-consuming.

Can this somehow be automated? Or is there some existing service / tool / website / app / anything that does this or something very similar?

Would love any help or input or discussion on the matter!

I do agree it’s time-consuming however, to my understanding, it is the only way. I’m sure an easier function could be put in place. The list functions could use an upgrade but as most of us are doing now, add onto your lists as time goes by, it’s more efficient than doing it all at once.

Do you know if you can see week by week in AOTY? I can only seem to get it neatly organized by month. If I could manually take up this effort in full, week by week, that would be much more manageable than month by month.

I believe the dates are displayed above the albums on pages like New Releases or Upcoming, even the front page. As long as you know the date of New Music Friday, you should be able to make out the weekly roundup.