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Identifying Samples

You know that feeling when you listen to a song and you know that it samples something you’ve heard before, but you don’t know where it’s from? I do. Usually my first resort in that kind of situation is to use resources like whosampled and Aha music, but, especially for music in other languages, those sites can be severely lacking. It always bugs me when I don’t know where a sample is from, and I’ve accumulated a pretty decent-size collection in the 3.5 years I’ve been listening to Korean and English music. Hopefully this helps with that.

Does anyone know where this sample comes from? Just listening to Swervy’s Undercover Angel album & noticed it. It’s also been sampled in Junoflo’s Sportage 07’ from his album Statues, which came out early in 2019. I’m almost certain he’s not the originator.

Undercover Angel - Album by Swervy | Spotify Piano sample starts as soon as the song does and begins looping about 10 seconds in.

I looked on WhoSampled & it didn’t show up there since Swervy doesn’t have a profile. A lot of Korean artists, especially the indie ones, lack them.