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Inappropriate tags


Is there a way to flag or remove inappropriate or incorrect tags? At the moment, there seems to be nothing stopping trolls from adding purely offensive tags that are then made public. For example:


Thanks for the heads up, these will no longer appear on album or artist pages.

Let me know if you see anymore and I’ll add them to the list.


At the moment, adding inappropriate tags is easy and slow to detect. For example:

  • Anybody can add a public tag without a “waiting for approval” process
  • There’s no option to flag an inappropriate tag
  • As far as I’m aware, there is no way to view all of the tags on an artist/release when it has many tags added

Some specific inappropriate tags I’ve noticed:

I’m also unsure if the tags are supposed to only be objective (e.g. genre, year of birth, nationality, deceased artists). For example, should tags like these be removed?


I would also add “derivative” as a tag to be removed. that belongs in the review not in the tags.

however I would like to make a case for keeping “sea shanties” please.


You can view all tags for an album now.

I’m reviewing that list of tags to exclude and have excluded some. But I need to think about some of them more.