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Hi, i’m new to this site. On most album overviews, I see a list of each track on the album with a rating associated with each one. I was just wondering how to rate each track individually, right now all I see is an option to rate the album as a whole. Thanks.

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Click “rate tracks” just above the tracklist and a menu where you can input your ratings should appear <3

Im not seeing anything? Is it bc im on mobile or maybe im not a donor

Oh wait, i had no idea. Yeah i guess you’re right, it has to be a donor perk, it shows up like this for me.
It’s not listed on the donation page though, so just to be sure i asked Rob (owner of the site) on Twitter for confirmation. I’ll lyk when he replies.


Ohh ok thank u so much. You didnt have to go through the trouble of asking the owner lol