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Industrial bands from N.Ireland & Rep Ireland

Industrial bands from N.Ireland & Rep Ireland

just a list of what dark industrial artists are coming from northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland

Shadow System (Industrial/techno/rock) Based in Belfast

VNV Nation (Future pop) Dublin

Lluther (industrial rock) Dublin/Germany/USA
Sylk (synth new wave) Dublin
Nanu Nanu (Synth wave) Dublin
Grooving in Green (Goth Rock/80’S) Belfast
Kubo (synth New wave) Dublin/Poland
Bloodinthewater (synth newwave Dublin)
Sugarplum Suicide (industrial rock/goth) Longford Ireland
Mantle (Experimental/industrial Waterford rep Ireland)
Grabyourface (industrial/Experimental) based in Dublin & France
Voxillary (industrial rock) Dublin
Die Hexen (Experimental/industrial) based in Belfast
End of New (ambient/Experimental/industrial)
Alibi trax (synth electronica ) from Dublin and not going any more
ZeropointZero (Punk rock industrial) Londonderry/Derry Not going anymore

All acts can be found on Spotify/bandcamp/reverbnation/YouTube

Feel free to check them out to see what Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland has to offer in the Industrial/EBM GOTH scenes . Most other bands that come from Ireland are more in the genres of indie rock, punk, metal, folk, and rap

if any one knows any others in the industrial/goth music genre please let us known