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Is it okay to have this many 100s?



So nobody objects to 800 100s? What even…


holy shit


Check out this one. Not to say that any actions need to be taken, just wtf, I would hate to be this guy.


Why put that much time and effort into a hobby you don’t even like?


some people just want to watch the world burn


That moment when someone’s being a dick and then you change your name.

P.S. Sorry about the exposure but this is just the worst way to own up to it and it’s pretty damn funny.


What happened?


Quite a while ago he wrote a post on my profile, something along the lines of being an EMR disciple and and a child. I told him that I wasn’t an aspiring critic and that I didn’t see where he was making that observation. I kept seeing his name pop up on great obscure albums and it really bothered me that the whole ordeal happened. Funny thing is, if there’s anyone I followed closely when I started out on this website, it’d have to be SiberianBreaks, the dude is named after my favorite song.




Yeah, it’s not really a big deal. I just didn’t want it to end at simply being blocked when all I did was hint at what happened. If I was wrong, he wouldn’t have blocked me.
I should mention, part of the reason I did this is because people are going to wonder why someone blocked me, I’m no troll.


blocks are rarely given to anyone non-shaz related


When everything you don’t like becomes a 0:


I have asked more than once to get cafolavoro off the site, who has over 100 zeroes and hasn’t been active for almost two years. And almost all those zeroes are of the highest rated albums on the site; he just rates them to bring down the score


I’m pretty sure that account’s weight on the overall score has been at 0.01 for awhile now. I will look into removing it tomorrow though. I know low ratings have an effect on the % of users who dislike this album portion.


4jgbb2kelf is a douche. He has 79 zeroes, 21 80’s, and nothing else






I think this is probably just a list of this guys favorite music or stuff to check out, and it defaulted to 100 scores.

I don’t think he intentionally is trying to foil anything?


he didn’t have any 100’s, he had all zeroes.