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Keep the funny user tags that people add to albums

AOTY has recently been removing tags that aren’t serious from appearing on album pages, which is a big thing that not only differentiated the site from RateYourMusic, but made it a lot more fun to find albums and engage in categorising them. I think they should return - it’s too serious in my opinion.

What do you guys think?

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Chance The Rapper and Muse had the funniest so I agree.

Still, there are some funny ones (kinda) that haven’t been taken down yet (thankfully), like ‘fucking amazing’ and somehow the band Spoon has the tag ‘mic the snare’, and to be honest about this last one, I don’t get it at all and I love Mic The Snare.

EDIT: Another surviving tag (and a fantastic one) is the Caifanes tag ‘pongan caifanes’. Literally “play caifanes” in the most Hispanic way it could be written.

Thankfully “graphic design is my passion”, “bitchcore” and “i’m 14 and this is deep” are still there, but I’ll forever miss “certified boy lover” on Drake’s CLB

Yeah there’s really not much upside to removing those tags. They really make the site more fun to use.

Nope. People add ‘funny’ or other stupid tags to music they just don’t like or when they have a problem with the artist. The big thing that differentiates this from RYM is the mods here aren’t nepotistic.