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Kuso (dir. Flying Lotus) a.k.a. Gross-Out Art Taken to It's Most Extreme


The reason why we haven’t heard any new FlyLo music in a while was because of his extensive work on his debut feature - an surrealistic mashup of post-apocalyptic anthology pieces, executed with a large focus mainly in the gross-out regions of the horror genre. Apparently the majority of Sundance Film Festival audience members walked out because of its extremities.

Won’t mention too much about it as it’s the type of film you gotta experience (preferably with a group of friends) by going into it blindly. Will mention however that it is indeed an impressive feat for a directorial debut from Steve (FlyLo) with the sheer amount of artistry put into this entirely immersive world, with mediums spanning as far as computer animation and stop motion. Clearly a lot of love went into this product, maybe even a bit too much at times, overall creating this ugly-ass, visual spectacle coming not from a filmmaker, but an artist using film simply as a medium.

Anyone else get to check it out yet? only recently, it’s been released publicly on the streaming service, Shudder.


Kuso was definitely an experience, I watched this as I did homework (2 monitors) and it really sucked me in with how attention grabbing it can be. I will probably re-watch it, I think my initial thoughts were along the lines of “Well made/engaging/fucked up but not necessarily great and it seemed like there were a lot of unfinished ideas”


I’m afraid of going into this, but feel obligated. Ready err not


It grabbed my attention the entire time and accomplished exactly what it set out to do. It was pretty damn funny at times too. Judging by the critical reception, it’s going to be a cult classic.


I watched it and was really impressed too. I don’t understand how he got George Clinton to do that on screen, but I’m glad he agreed. “Mmmmmister Quiii-ggle”