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"Liked" system or what this is means specially for you?

hello guys. can you suggest me some users with their own system about “liked” albums? or with special lists about that
we all thinks at first about that “likes this is smthn my FAV stuff” or maybe for someone this is means some albums which he relisten over 3-5 times maybe. but im think albums with rates 75-95 pretty often be LIKED without some special meanings. and actrually this is means nothin. but i think some users can create systematical things about this function (i have a few ideas but i need to know more).
did u see some lists with liked album?
do you have your own special thoghts about that?
do you checkin LIKED albums on cool big accounts?
do you giv a like if u giv a 40-60 rate for album?
btw i think main idea of this function - we need to know %percentage of likes on albums (with minimum of X-rates)

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I use the like feature for projects that I save on Spotify, or if I like at least 70%-ish of that project.