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List Features?

I’ve been working on lists a lot as I transfer all my content over from RYM, and there are some things I find myself wishing I had…

  1. A simple way to organize lists. When you add stuff to a list from an album page, it always dumps the new entry on the end of the list, then you have to go to the list and edit it into the correct position. If I had a button I could hit to auto-sort them by rating (or maybe a dropdown with a few sorting options? alphabetical, date, etc) that would make my life a lot easier.

  2. On the list editing screen, you can’t see album ratings. Being able to see those would make list organizing easier

  3. Being able to create a blank list from your profile page or list tab would be nice, especially if it would allow you to make lists for things other than albums. Artist lists! User lists! Label lists! Custom lists that don’t necessarily link to other site content! Etc etc etc

  4. BCC code or something similar?? (I dont know much about this, just throwing it out there)

lists were one of the features i utilized most on rym, they’re a great way to build community on the site and their usefulness/googlability will draw new users to the site


Regarding #5, I found the notification window under Feed. maybe it was already there, maybe you just added it, but either way, thanks, lol

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That’s been there a long time, but glad you’ve discovered it. There’s also a notifications link in your profile drop down menu in the header.

A lot of your suggestions have been on my todo list, and I hope to find some time this weekend to work through them.

Feel free to share any other ideas you might have.


Nice!! Thanks, it’s cool to see a site owner so responsive to this kind of thing. I’m a big nerd for music tracking and categorizing and I’ve got a lot of ideas, will try not to inundate you too much though… :full_moon_with_face:

Thought of another couple.
5. When adding an album to a list from the album’s page, give us the option to write a description right then, and choose the place on the list where it’s going to go. would make list editing a lot easier and more efficient. Maybe even add a little dropdown where you can auto-sort it to the correct spot Alphabetically, or By Rating, without even going to the list page.

  1. A way to search for user lists? And allow people to tag their lists to make them more easily searchable?