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Live Albums in the list of Best Albums

I don’t think that live albums should be included in the top albums of the year list. I was wondering if anyone else agreed?

  1. It’s likely to see a biased higher score. Most of the time the only people listening to live albums are people that are already big fans of the artist. Thus we see less of a general ranking because not everyone is going to listen to a live album.
  2. The majority of the time live albums contain content available elsewhere.

100% Agree

I agree to an extent. If it’s live reworkings of tracks like the LCD Soundsystem live album, then that’s fine because tracks can come out live and bring new life to it. However, it’s the same tracks by the numbers then yeah I agree.

This is a yes and no from me, things like the CSH live album is pretty biased but then there are albums like 98.12.28 which are spectacles of music. So it’s a tough call really, I would keep it as it is though personally, as usually live albums don’t reach the top of the charts unless they’re something truly amazing.