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Looking for an album

Hello guys ! :slightly_smiling_face:

My name is Jiness, I have been looking for an album i had downloaded and deleted months ago, and I hope you will save me with it
I didnt remember the name, but i have some clues:

-Published between January and May 2018
-Electro/ Techno type
-Sounds like “The Acid - Liminal” or “Max Cooper - Human”
-The cover is grey background with a sort of red spike ball on it (im gonna put an image to help)

If anyone, anyone knows, or can help me, PLEASE it would save me really!!

Thank you for your reading, have a nice day and stay safe!

-Jiness :slight_smile:

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i looked around a little but it’s hard to find… do you remember anything else?
also, it’s for sure from 2018?