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My name is Charlie, otherwise known as chillyisasleep (yes that is my aoty username) and I was banned from adding albums, making album genre contributions, and more. I think this is a mistake, or at least a mistake in the sense that it should be changed. I do potentially know why this is and I’d like to clear something up.

Lil Pump released a single called Tesla, featuring Smokepurpp. This single was put on Spotify for a few days before the single was deleted and then replaced with an EP called Tesla. This EP still showed up as a single on Spotify despite having seven songs on it.

Naturally, I listened to it as I was curious of how it was but when I looked on AOTY I only saw the single Tesla and not the EP as well. I added the EP, about ten or so people rated it, before it was deleted again.

I was surprised because I knew there was a Tesla EP. However, I then checked the single. Despite being labeled as a full collaboration by Lil Pump & Smokepurpp (Only the song Tesla was), this appeared to be the EP. It was labeled as a single and the track list only had Tesla on it.

Due to both of these things I assumed that it was a mistake that it was taken down. I then added the EP Tesla again but it has been removed.

This, all in all, is most likely my fault. I think that the Tesla single on Spotify is actually just a compilation of Lil Pump songs as well as the single Tesla but I could be wrong. No matter what, the whole marketing of that album is just confusing and it seemed to have confused both me and the AOTY staff.

I am sorry for adding the EP twice, I had believed I was right, but I need you to know that it wasn’t out of jokes or malice or anything. I love going on this site, I’ve added over a dozen albums, I have hundreds of reviews, I just thought I was correct. I believe that banning me from adding albums is a mistake and if you disagree then I can’t do much about it unfortunately.

I could potentially be right about the whole Tesla debacle being why I was banned from adding albums however I will say that I recently went on the Donald Trump and January 6th Choir song and placed the tracklist as some dumb joke rather than the song name (I genuinely don’t remember but it was most likely something akin to “Lmaooooooo this sucks”). I admit it was stupid and if I stay banned I understand, just know that I apologize. I’d seen this done on other songs as well (example 2+2=5 by Hi-Rez) and I thought it would be funny but it was weird.

I just want to apologize for that but ask that I could please get permission to add albums again. I love this site and I want to add some great albums that are not already here.

Thank you!

  • chillyisasleep (AKA Charlie)


Also I don’t know if I’m supposed to do this but I see everyone else with questions doing this so @Rob if you could read this and make a decision that would be great thank you very much!

Responded to your email.