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LP and Ep


Hello Rob,

We have been with “Features” for a few months, mixing LP and EP.

I think the following structure would be more interesting:

In which there is a separation between LP and EP.


This answer still stands


Here’s how it will look:


I like




Would be nice to have opportunity to show just LPs / EPs /etc. in my own Library section, Ratings section


What about also having sections for every other format (compilations, singles, etc) so that all of the releases for an artist can be neatly seen on one page?


Kind of off topic, but Rob, while I deeply respect and like the new design, I will always prefer the design from like 2 years ago where you could see both the critic and user score on the homepage of the artist. It was much less work to just look at each score and compare when they’re right next to each other; now I have to click like 5 extra times to see each score. This look is still on the front page of the website for new releases, but I wish it was on the individual artist pages again. It made things much easier


Yeah, I can add this back.

(even though user ratings have been giving me a headache lately :confounded:)