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Meeting Molly and Kerri of Alvvays (Forum Greetings)

Hey there, Ive been using this site for a little bit now but I have yet to use the forums. Nice to meet ya! I’m not sure what to talk about atm because all I can think about is seeing Alvvays last night (or April 11th) After the show I wanted to get a autograph…please…can I bug you for a second?

So I’m standing outside right? I’m waiting for the band to walk out and this guy pops up. He asks me if I’m trying to get signatures. I reply “Yeah.”. We stand and chat for about an hour while waiting. It was about 40 degrees…kinda cold. He walks up slowly to where they were relaxing but I didn’t want to get THAT close. After all, they’re still people. They need space. Alec, Brian and Sheridan sneak by us. I was kinda bummed but I also understood they were tired and probably just wanted to rest. I respect that. Molly and Kerri walk out and the guy rushes at them. In my head I’m like “DUDE, NOOOOOO!” I walk up slowly with my vinyl and the guy is chatting with Kerri. Molly see me walk up.

“Hey, hows it going?” I reply.
She looks up and back at me “Pretty good, thanks.”
“That’s good to hear…OH!…do you think-”
“Oh sure thing” She says while smiling.
Now, I was pretty tired. I had been standing since 7PM when the doors opened and I had been waiting for almost an hour for even the slightest chance of a signature from anyone of the band. I handed my record upside down. They both were a bit both confused but kinda chuckled.
Kerri signed first and quickly went to the bus.
“I hear you guys are going to San Lois Obispo.” (I was born there and I contemplated seeing them there)
“Oh…yeah.” She replied awkwardly.
“Have you ever been there?”
“Nope…its our first time.” She says as she finishes signing.
“Some places you might want to check out are Woodstocks Pizza and Slo Do Co.” (Staples of the town…good donuts and pizza…mmmmm.)
“Alright, good to know.” She smiles and starts to walk away.
“Thank you so much! Have a good night!”
“Thanks, you too” She waves.
“Oh, and safe travels!”
“Thanks you.”

I walk up to the guy I met. He was a bit dissapointed. He was talking about all the questions he wanted to ask and he wasn’t able to ask one. I probably should have said that they were notorious for being shy and awkward.
“Is that it?” He asked in defeat.
“Yeah…but you know…they’re probably tired. I think they have Coachella soon.” I reply trying to cheer him up.
“Yeah…your right.”

I said goodbye, shook his hand and I was off on the road back to my home town…155 miles away. I didn’t get home until 3AM and I had work today…but it was hella worth it! Thanks for hearing me ramble. I’m not trying to show off and I’m sorry if I seem I like I am. I’ve just been thinking about this all day and I wanted to share this some way. I actually plan to write more on moments like these. Connections to music whether you meet the artist or if you just have a personal bond to an album and never meet the people behind it. Storytelling of sorts.
Well…I’ve said enough. Thanks for reading!