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Minimum User Score Rating Filter

Previously the site had an option to filter the best albums list to a minimum 100 user ratings, that has either been removed or there is a bug where it does not show up. This was a very helpful feature and it should be returned if possible.

It sat right next to the genre tab, and is now missing. The top 25 list is now filled with albums with low amounts of ratings and clogging up the lists.


Yes, this is very bizarre. This is one of my favorite features to find new music to listen to and if it has been removed, should be re-added.


I strongly agree. Makes it difficult to find actual albums with 100+ ratings in a sea of random 10-rating albums. @Rob @staff


This is my first time jumping on the forums in three years because this has to be a glitch, right? If not, this seems like a huge misstep. Being able to see well-received albums under a certain number of ratings was one of the best features on the site for discovering under-appreciated, obscure artists. Would hate to see it go.


This has really ruined the user score best albums yeah


Since they removed this feature, this website’s usability has plummeted. Please bring back the minimum ratings feature.


Will this ever be fixed?? I’m getting sick of it

This should 100% be brought back.

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+1 we need this

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