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So this is where the issue is happening. This screenshot is from Chrome—which works fine, but when tested with Edge, Firefox and Opera the drop-down list is not functional. So out of curiosity I disabled all of my extensions in Chrome, now I’m having the same issue. Re-enabling my extensions didn’t fix the problem either. From what I can tell it seems like the drop-down list maybe isn’t recognizing mouse hover because I can still enable the drop-down via inspection. Hopefully that …kinda helps?



I’m on chrome rn and it’s not working. Looks like Victor_Getsov from above me in this thread has the exact same problem as me. Dunno, but thanks for the reply!


This should be fixed now, thanks for bringing it to my attention. You may need to ctrl-f5 to be sure you’re getting the updated javascript file.


There are two ‘Rodent’ singles by Burial. One was erroneously added by Mikami35


I just added a new release by Knapsack, but it’s a different Knapsack than the emo band. Right now both albums are on the same artist page.


thanks rob :+1:


Two Ed Schrader’s Music Beat (added with different apostrophes i think)


Woooo! I just realized we can add covers to albums in the first place :smiley: yay!