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Most Polarizing, Enigmatic, and Just Plain Interesting People in Art

I’ve been thinking a lot about some of the most interesting people in art mediums to me, and I’ve slowly become obsessed with the thought. I find myself drawn to artists of mystery, artists of bizarre origins, or artists of extreme opinions. I’ve been compiling a list of some of the most interesting to me, and this is what I have so far, in no particular order. Please throw some in if you have any suggestions.

                                Tom Waits
                             Daniel Johnston
                              Robert Ashley
                             Richard D. James
                        Godspeed You! Black Emperor
                                GG Allin
                              Andy Kaufman
                            Charles Bukowski
                            Hunter S Thompson
                               Nick Drake
                             Stanley Kubrick
                            Christopher Owens
                               Michael Gira
                           Krzysztof Penderecki
                               Alan Lomax
                              Mark Linkous
                              Jamie Stewart
                              Harmony Korine
                             Flannery O'Connor
                               Larry Clark
                               John Gardner
                              Django Reinhart
                              Vashti Bunyan

The medium I’m least educated in is literature, so I’m hoping some people can suggest any really interesting figures in writing


J.G. Ballard
Chris Kraus
Georges Perec
Jacques Roubaud
Pat Califia
Kathy Acker

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I was thinking the whole time “let there be Moondog” and sure enough there was. Easily my favorite composer. Klaus Schulze, The Residents, and Les Rallizes Denudes are very enigmatic btw.

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Robert Schumann (The Geistervariationen/ Ghost Variations)

Nicola Samori (his art is fucking amazing but little is know about him, probably my favorite living artist right now)

Xu Lizhi (his death reminds me of Thomas Chatterton who was the romantic era’s equivalent of Elliot Smith or Kurt Cobain but nobody really cares about poetry anymore ^^ )

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here is another one for “enigmatic”: Kathy Heideman

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