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Must Hear: by users

I really like how there is a feature for ‘must hear’ which really helps highlight the albums worth listening by critics but I think it would also be nice to include something in a similar fashion that highlights the best new music as decided by the users. Possibly by a voting system or something that does not have to do with the quantity of the reviews since that would be a bit tedious. I guess this new feature would also have to have some distinction between the preexisting Must Hear tab.


I’ve considered this for a while, but there would definitely need to be a more complicated method than what’s there for critic reviews. The bots and Stan accounts just make it way too easy for something that doesn’t reflect the opinion of the regular AOTY crowd to get up there.


Much as I like the idea, it’s going to be heavily exploited as mentioned above and the last thing we need is misleading Must Hear’s from fake users that fabricate it.

Perhaps only accounts that have been active for longer than a year are able to use the feature? I mean that would give incentive to others to log in and become more active in the aoty community.

And perhaps a limit, like you can only use the must hear album option once a month or something and a lot like the critics there has to be a certain number of people who also chose it as a Must hear album.

But yeah, overall it would be a complicated thing and therefore less likely to be implemented.

Basically just a bold system but for aoty would be amazing too.

here’s an idea: what if only users who are ‘verified’ and are known to be actual people rather than bots, would be the only one’s capable of contributing to this feature?


This is a great idea. I was thinkin of posting something like this before. Critics get the blue star in the top right, users get a different colored star in the top left?
“Abusing the system” is its own problem. I wouldn’t snub a potentially cool feature because of it. Botters gonna bot. The site will have to deal with them anyways.

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