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Need a username change

Hi. Wondering if anyone is able to help me - need to change my username ASAP; have tried replying to an old thread but to no avail. Who’s best to ask/how can I get it done?



Hi @Rob

Could you change my username on the main site to the same one here?

You gotta donate to the site for username changes. The lowest donation amount you can give is 6$.

this only lets you change your display name, and your username is still visible on your profile and in your url, as well as other places. it doesn’t really do anything

i donated and changed my display name but still would like to be able to change my username, or at least transfer to a new acct or something

i am a donor.

I dunno then. Looking back at the donate permits, it’s only display name that can get changed, so I guess you gotta hope Rob sees this.

I’m having the same issue. I’ve been able to change my display name, but my username (which I think is the one that’s gonna be shown on this forum) has my deadname in it. I understandably don’t want that to be out there, but I also don’t wanna have to start a whole new profile.

@Rob unsure if this is the right place for it but could I possibly have my username changed to the one I’m posting under on this forum?

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Very curious if you can get your username changed at all. I would love a change to mine as I kind of rushed my account, but idk if you technically can.

@Rob Is this actually something that’s allowed if you request it?

I would personally pay more money just for the chance to change my username once. I pay to change my display name because my username is very cringe. Wish I could escape my cringe past, but AOTY demands I live with it for the rest of my life lol.

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@Rob me 2 i need it to be “x1_lt” it would bring joy to me.