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New critic suggestions

Well we can confirm that both Drowned in Sound and Pretty Much Amazing are dead right now. Maybe we can add a few critics to replace them and improve this site. My suggestions are listed below as they have their own rating system

  • Albumism (US)
  • The Young Folks (US)
  • The Alternative (US)
  • The Times/The Sunday Times (UK)
  • The Arts Desk (UK)
  • Evening Standard (UK)
  • The Irish Times (Ireland)
  • The Music (Australia)
  • New Zealand Herald (New Zealand)

And The 405 was gone, Resident Advisor has stopped scoring.

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And currently Tiny Mix Tape also goes hiatus :sweat_smile:

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I’d like to nominate The Sydney Morning Herald, a major metropolitan newspaper based in Sydney, the largest city in Australia. They regularly publish groups of reviews on a five-star scale from its contributors. Usually on a weekly basis.

13 Dec 2019:

6 Dec 2019:

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We need some more publications that cover metal and country so I suggest these.

My suggestions:
Saving Country Music
The Alternative
New Noise Magazine
Narc Magazine
The Digital Fix

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Please add Vinyl Chapters! They are used on Anydecentmusic and score albums out of 5 on almost daily basis…


I would like to suggest the Financial Times. They base things off of a 5 star rating system.


XS Noize -
An online music publisher and magazine.
They have a score out of 10 system and has 6k followers on Facebook

Dead Press -
An online music publication.
They have a score out of 10 system and has 25k followers on Facebook

theMusic -
An Australian music publication that has 57k followers on Facebook

If we’re counting YouTubers, then I nominate ARTV -
He’s a music critic that has 135k subscribers


Maybe RapReviews as well? They’re used by Metacritic so I guess they’re notable enough to be used here.

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International sources:

  • Ekstra Bladet (Denmark)
  • B.T. (Denmark): https:// web.archive .org/web/20120107133942/ http:// .dk/musik/aqua-paa-lidt-for-dybt-vand
  • Jyllands-Posten (Denmark): https://web.archive .org/web/20111003061924/ http://kpn. dk/popmusik/records/article2564935.ece
  • Release (Sweden)
  • Gaffa (Denmark edition)
  • Gaffa (Sweden edition )
  • Gaffa (Norway edition)
  • Classic Rock (Germany edition): classicrock .net/kategorie/reviews/musik/cd/
  • Metal Hammer (Germany edition): metal-hammer .de/reviews/
  • Rolling Stone (Germany edition): rollingstone .de/reviews/
  • Rolling Stone Australia: Au .rollingstone .com /music/music-album-reviews/
  • Rolling Stone Brazil: for instance,


  • Your EDM: For instane, youredm .com/2012/10/02/zedd-releases-highly-anticipated-album-clarity-setting-the-bar-high-for-new-music-in-edm/?fbclid=IwAR3K2nBoDDHAGl7boJ7bnZHE_VCCOzYv9G_VBfT8VMANmhIsAiTRcQ_lAcA
  • Mixmag: mixmag .net/reviews/albums
  • DJMag: djmag .com/musicreviews
  • Dancing Astronaut (It seems only 2012 album reviews and before are rated reviews, but someone correct me if I’m wrong): dancingastronaut .com/tag/album-review/page/5/
  • Emerald City EDM: emeraldcityedm .com/category/featured-music/album-reviews/
  • EDM Reviewer: edmreviewer .com/category/music/reviews/
  • Electro Zombies: electrozombies .com/music/review/

Christian music magazines that would really help… well, Christian albums get on the yearly critic score ratings and sometimes feature reviews of non-Christian albums:

  • CCM Magazine: ccmmagazine .com/category/reviews/
  • Jesus Freak Hideout: jesusfreakhideout .com/cdreviews/default.asp
  • HM Magazine: hmmagazine .com/album-reviews/
  • Cross Rhythms: crossrhythms
  • Worship Leader: worshipleader .com/category/music/
  • New Release Today: newreleasetoday .com/reviewdatabase_viewall.php?reviews=staff
  • The Christian Beat: thechristianbeat .org/index.php/reviews
  • Christianity Today: christianitytoday .com/ct/music/reviews/
  • CBN: cbn .com/music-reviews
  • 365 Days of Inspiring Media: 365daysofinspiringmedia .com/category/reviews/
  • Jesus Wired: jesuswired .com/category/reviews/
  • The Phantom Tollbooth: tollbooth .org/index.php/current-issue/music-reviews
  • Indie Vision Music: indievisionmusic .com/category/reviews/
  • Christian Music Zine (inactive, but there’s obviously Archive captures of reviews) https:// web.archive .org/web/20121025103854/http:// christianmusiczine .com/category/review
  • Rapzilla: rapzilla .com/2010-07-review-json-city-lights/
  • Christian Manifesto: web.archive .org/web/20150212082622/http://thechristianmanifesto .com/archives/category/music/reviews-music
  • Hallells: hallels .com/reviews

Blues, Jazz and Classical:

  • AllAboutJazz: allaboutjazz .com/php/review_center.php?in_genre=12
  • The Blues Magazine: loudersound .com/blues/reviews
  • Free Jazz Collective: freejazzblog .org/
  • DownBeat: downbeat .com/reviews
  • Blues and Soul: bluesandsoul .com/reviews/
  • Jazz Journal: jazzjournal
  • Jazzwise: jazzwise .com/album-reviews
  • Classical Ear: classicalear
  • The Music Scene (Canada): myscena .org/la-scena-online/cd-and-book-reviews/
  • Limelight:

Rock/metal sources:

  • Prog: loudersound .com/prog/reviews
  • Classic Rock: loudersound .com/classic-rock/reviews
  • Louder. Yeah, there’s also a source just called Louder that also publishes their own reviews in addition to those of other magazines. For instance, loudersound .com/reviews/the-cadillac-threes-country-fuzz-drinkin-hell-raisin-and-more-drinkin
  • Blabbermouth: blabbermouth .net/cdreviews
  • Metal Forces: metalforcesmagazine .com/site/
  • Alternative Addiction: alternativeaddiction .com/Reviews
  • Chronicles of Choas: chroniclesofchaos .com/Main.aspx?section=2
  • Metal Storm: metalstorm .net/pub/review.php?review_id=206
  • ThrashHits: thrashhits .com/category/reviews/
  • Rocksound: Rocksound .tv/reviews/albums
  • Terrorizer (Has reviews for albums 2014 and before): terrorizer .com/news/album-reviews/behemoth-satanist-stream-album-review/. Just a heads up, the ratings are represented in the text of the article as [#].
  • Sea of Tranquility: seaoftranquility .org/reviews.php
  • Louder than War: louderthanwar .com/music/reviews/album-reviews/
  • Alter the Press: alterthepress .com
  • Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles: bravewords .com/reviews
  • Loudwire: For example, loudwire .com/megadeth-super-collider-album-review/
  • Revolver: web.archive .org/web/20130531203332/http://www.revolvermag .com/beta/reviews
  • Dead Press: deadpress
  • Big Cheese: web.archive .org/web/20110206003730/ http:// www.bigcheesemagazine .com/reviews
  • Rock Hard: rockhard .de/reviews/
  • The Rock Pit: therockpit .net/category/reviews-music/
  • Indy Metal Vault: indymetalvault .com/category/reviews/album-reviews/
  • Reflections of Darkness: reflectionsofdarkness .com/component/tags/tag/cd-review
  • Rock ‘n’ Load: rocknloadmag .com/category/album-review/
  • Metal Obsession (sometimes-rated, sometimes-not source): metalobsession .net/international-album-reviews/
  • Metal Blast: metalblast .net/category/music-review/
  • Distorted Sound: distortedsoundmag .com/category/reviews/album-reviews/
  • Hysteria: hysteriamag .com/category/reviews/
  • Alt Dialogue: altdialogue .com/category/discography/albums/
  • Games, Brrraaains, & a Head-Banging Life: gbhbl .com/2020-album-reviews/
  • All About the Rock: allabouttherock
  • Metal Temple: metal-temple .com/site/catalogues/entry/reviews/cd_3/k_2/kxm-circle-of-dolls.htm
  • Cryptic Rock (will rate reviews at the end of each article as “Cryptic Rock gives this album a [#]/5): crypticrock .com/category/reviews/music-reviews/
  • Metal Heads Forever: mhf-mag .com/content/cd-reviews/dynazty-the-dark-delight-album-review/

Country sources:

The Alternative Weekly sources:

  • Metro Weekly: google .com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk02JM7OyaBqkXtaCIL5DYubX7jkL0w%3A1586748350104&ei=vtuTXq_7Bf2KytMPisqO0AE&
  • The Boston Phoenix (no longer active since 2013, but a lot of their reviews can be found on Internet Archive captures, so, you know, good for albums 2013 and before)
  • Las Vegas Weekly (I see mostly 2013 and 2014 albums here): google .com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk011h1I34pYPgTRC2lfzPpNmHXK5vQ%3A1586788803866&ei=w3mUXqi7NPClytMPr8aBwAg&**
  • Houston Press (another sometimes-rate source, and the ratings are in text as (*****) or (*) or something like that): for example, houstonpress .com/music/rotation-6567703

Other publications:

  • PressPlayOK: pressplayok .com/category/albums/?doing_wp_cron=1586747386.4153730869293212890625
  • The VLM: thevlm
  • Club Fonograma (deactive, but there’s a lot of internet archive captures to use for albums released in past years): web.archive .org/web/20140413191956/ http ://www.clubfonograma .com/2014/04/album-reviews-2014.html
  • Express Witness: Published as various Vice, MSN Music and Cuepoint articles. Guys, this should’ve been a critic option the day this site was launched. It’s reviews by Robert freaking Christgau, the ultimate music nerd before Melon Fantano.
  • VultureHound: vulturehound
  • Medium: Some of these reviews are rated and others not, but normally the ratings are out of 10. google .com/search?…69i57j69i58.4390j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  • Associated Press: The reviews published on their websites don’t show ratings, but AP reviews published on other official sites actually show a grade, such as this one (detroitnews .com/story/entertainment/music/2018/11/22/barbra-striesand-album-walls-music-review/38575981/) and this one (detroitnews .com/story/entertainment/music/2016/08/28/music-review-streisands-new-album-hollywood-stars-uneven/89512756/)
    Substream: substreammagazine .com/category/reviews/album-reviews/
  • IGN (oh yes, they review albums too): google .com/search?
  • People Mag: For example, people .com/people/archive/article/0,20150025,00.html
  • Stylus: stylusmagazine .com closed since 2007, but their reviews are still available to read online. Would really help 2000s albums
  • About .com: Yeah, About .com did reviews. They’re no longer around, but a lot of their reviews are still on Archive. For instance, web.archive .org/web/20120314093521/http:// heavymetal.about .com/od/cdreviews/fr/primordialtothe.htm
    Record Collector: recordcollectormag .com, plus it’s a Metacritic-used source, so there
  • Dummy Mag: google .com/search?
  • Classic Pop: classicpopmag .com/category/reviews/new-albums/
  • Bearded: beardedmagazine .com/reviews
  • Melodic: melodic .net/#!/albums
  • Goldmine: goldminemag .com/reviews
  • Idolator (I have seen a lot of rated reviews for pop albums on this site, and they’re also listed on many Wikipedia articles for said albums. No excuse to not have this): google .com/search?…69i57j69i58.4597j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  • AXS: For example, axs .com/news/album-review-selena-gomez-gets-personal-with-greatest-hits-for-you-29715
  • Digital Spy: digitalspy .com/music/album-reviews/
  • Is This Music? (Scotland): isthismusic .com/category/lps You’d have to look closely at the reviews, but the ratings are out of five and presented as Question Mark bubbles (get it?)
  • Louder Than the Music: louderthanthemusic .com/section.php?id=2
  • HHV: hhv-mag .com/en/reviews
  • Earbuddy: earbuddy .net/category/reviews
  • Backseat Mafia: backseatmafia .com/category/album-reviews/
  • Digital Journal: digitaljournal .com/music Rates albums via grades, and presents the ratings as sentences in “Verdict” sections
  • Music Connection: musicconnection .com/category/reviews/album-reviews/
  • Virgin Group: No longer active but they reviewed albums in the 2000s and early 2010s web.archive .org/web/20130921184152/ http:// www. virginmedia .com/music/reviews/
  • Hit the Floor: For example, hitthefloor .com/reviews/review-jessie-j-alive-album/
  • Female First: femalefirst
  • Urb: They’ve announced an online archive of 1990-2009 is coming soon. However, they definitely reviewed albums in the early 2010s as well if this is any indication: https:// web.archive .org/web/20110713023621/ http:// www.urb .com/reviews/
  • Hot Press: While they don’t rate albums anymore it seems, this google search suggests they were rating albums as late as 2018. Sometimes they’s rate out of 12, sometimes out of five, others out of 10, so just a heads up about that: google .com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk01hv2e4OEuJdBdO1FpjAIwuUBgwOA%3A1586806552586&ei=GL-UXoKpI8-lytMPzuKvmA0&
  • Entertainment Focus: entertainment-focus .com/category/music-section/music-reviews/albums/
  • Bloomberg: Apparently, they don’t review albums currently, but if this is any indication they once did bloomberg .com/news/articles/2010-08-03/lady-gaga-strips-down-m-i-a-stomps-tom-jones-gets-religion-cd-reviews
  • Blare Magazine: blaremagazine .com/reviews/
  • Contactmusic .com: contactmusic .com/music
  • Blender: No longer active, but we have Archive captures of reviews from this site and it would really help 2000s albums https:// web.archive .org/web/20070930165423/ http://blender .com/guide/reviews.aspx?id=4364
  • Us Weekly: (Mostly review pop albums): google .com/search?q=us+weekly+album+revie&oq=us+weekly+album+revie&aqs=chrome…69i57.2584j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  • Yahoo News UK (now active, but ya know, Internet Archive): https:// web.archive .org/web/20110613041317/ http:// .com/blogs/albumreviewsuk/
  • DJBooth (They currently don’t rate albums, but they used to): web.archive .org/web/20100616072344/ http:// www.djbooth .net/index/albums
  • AltSounds (now it’s a video site, but it used to be a publication that did album reviews): web.archive .org/web/20080304014511/ http:// hangout
  • Renowned for Sound: https:// web.archive .org/web/20130305100142/http ://
  • Music Box: musicbox-online .com/#axzz6JYia2OHL
  • Blurt: blurtonline .com/review/ (Also Metacritic and ADM source)
  • Elmore Magazine: elmoremagazine .com/category/reviews/albums
  • Playground (active in 2000s): web.archive .org/web/20061124000906/ http://www.playlouder .com/review/
  • Lost at Sea: The site goes blank when I try to go to it now, but it was active at least as of late last year: https://web.archive .org/web/20190917012309/ http://www.lostatsea .net/reviews.phtml
  • Music Story: music-story .com/
  • Sonic Seducer (another sometimes-rated, sometimes-not publication): sonic-seducer .de/index.php/en/sonic-seducer-archive/cd-reviews.html
  • Rave Magazine: https://web.archive .org/web/20101205072233/http://www.ravemagazine
  • Stereo Subversion: https://web.archive .org/web/20111022234342/http://stereosubversion .com/reviews/audrey-spillman-part-of-me-ep
  • Analog Planet: analogplanet .com/category/album-review
  • Soul in Stereo: soulinstereo .com/category/album-reviews
  • Sonic Perspectives: sonicperspectives .com/category/album-reviews/
  • We Got This Covered: wegotthiscovered .com/musicreviews/
  • Spotlight Report: spotlightreport .net/category/music/music_reviews
  • Stereoboard: stereoboard .com/content/category/1/13/45/
  • Okayplayer: web.archive .org/web/20100301113409/http://www.okayplayer .com/reviews/
  • 4Music: web.archive .org/web/20111101120235/http://www.4music .com/news/review
  • OK! Magazine: For example, web.archive .org/web/20091015030957/http://www.ok
  • BBC Newsround: news .bbc
  • google .com/search?…69i57j69i58.6405j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  • Atwood: atwoodmagazine .com/category/our-take/
  • Chart Attack: web.archive .org/web/20110606215002/http://www.chartattack .com/reviews
  • Collective: web.archive .org/web/20070315232152/
  • 411mania: 411mania .com/music
  • Re:Gen: web.archive .org/web/20080224043915/http://www.regenmag .com/Reviews.html
  • Sounds and Colors: soundsandcolours .com/music
  • mX: for instance, web.archive .org/web/20141231082028/ http://www.mxnet
  • Doubtful Sounds: doubtfulsounds .net/category/album-reviews/
  • Reverb Street Press: For instance, reverbstreetpress .com/online/cd-review-boy-bear-harlequin-dream/
  • Kill Your Stereo: killyourstereo .com/reviews
  • The Fire Note: thefirenote .com/category/review/
  • Polari: polarimagazine .com/category/musicreviews/
  • Nothing But Hope and Passion: for instance, nbhap .com/sounds/odesza-in-return
  • Narc Magazine: narcmagazine .com/music/
  • Hot New Hip Hop (formerly rated): for instance, hotnewhiphop .com/schoolboy-q-crash-talk-review-news.79015.html
  • Already Heard: alreadyheard .com/category/reviews/album-reviews/
  • Depth: depthmag .com/tag/albums/
  • Forte: fortemag
  • Pop Mag: pop-mag .com/reviews/
  • rte .ie/entertainment/music-reviews/
  • The Vinyl District: thevinyldistrict .com/?s=“Graded+on+a+Curve”&searchsubmit=Search
  • TooXclusive: tooxclusive .com/main/artist-album-reviews/
  • Culture Fly: culturefly

Newspapers These sources are more likely to cover pop and jazz albums, so it’ll really help those type of records out, but obviously other genres aree covered in these publications. Some of these may no longer or only occasionally rate in reviews, but they use to at the time the examples I link were published:

  • Washington Times: washingtontimes .com/news/2012/oct/15/music-reviews-jason-aldean-leona-lewis-ben-gibbard/?page=all
  • Los Angeles Times: latimes .com /entertainment/music/posts/la-et-ms-0409-tyler-creator-review-20130409,0,2276193.story
  • USA Today: usatoday .com /story/life/music/2012/10/14/jason-aldean-night-train/1631413/
  • Newsday: newsday .com /entertainment/music/album-reviews-1.2218017
  • Knoxville News Sentinel: knoxville .com /news /2014 /mar /25 / knoxville-music-karmin-pulses-review/
  • Buffalo News (I’m in a suburb of this city): buffalonews .com /topic /disc-reviews/
  • Chicago Tribune: It’s a Metacritic source, so of course
  • Austin Chronicle: austinchronicle .com/music/
  • Cleveland Plaindealer: cleveland .com/entertainment/index.ssf/2017/04/brad_paisleys_guest-laden_love.html
  • New York Daily News: google .com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk03_XQGjWrWo8jEMyDoOLwBrEb_CBA%3A1586742764657&ei=7MWTXuHPJ4qrytMPxOajsAk&
  • Philadelphia Inquirer: google .com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk03OE6sCWrEGaBByK6pK32ragAIm-g%3A1586744909472&ei=Tc6TXsi_HJiEytMP66uFoA8&
  • The Stranger (Seattle, Washington): google .com/search?…69i57j69i58.15926j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  • Courier-Journal: google .com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk03hS7ZK25CeYWkyullknaJ62msi7A%3A1586804296007&ei=R7aUXoPrPMml_Qam-JCYCQ&
  • Portland Mercury: google .com/search?biw=1680&bih=880&sxsrf=ALeKk02UlGOKuSY4P42m1ok-2yC67sZWEQ%3A1586905035206&ei=yz-WXsyNDMawytMPvc-_iAE&
  • Los Angeles Daily News: For example, dailynews .com/2012/09/23/cd-review-green-day-uno-reprise-4-stars/
  • The Republican (Springfield, Massachusetts): google .com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk023-tO91i-DDep38jZGaKqfAXTdGw%3A1586997402801&ei=mqiXXqO_MLisytMP5LWviAw&**
  • Metro: metro
  • Yorkshire Press: google. com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk00I3iHFv7QCPFo5Rd_TG4aWGRy7lw%3A1586742606562&ei=TsWTXuz7IZ2yytMPj7Gz4Aw&q=yorkshire+press+%22Album+review%22&oq=yorkshire+press+%22Album+review%22&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQAzIICCEQFhAdEB46BAgjECc6BggAEAcQHjoHCAAQFBCHAjoCCAA6BggAEBYQHjoFCCEQoAE6BQghEKsCOgQIIRAKSgwIFxIIMTEtNzdnODNKCwgYEgcxMS02ZzExUM4OWOMgYPwhaABwAHgAgAFliAGyCpIBBDE2LjGYAQCgAQGqAQdnd3Mtd2l6&sclient=psy-ab&ved=0ahUKEwjs2qfrpOToAhUdmXIEHY_YDMwQ4dUDCAw&uact=5
  • Daily Express: google .com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk03jaXUSScbdyL-bjeFksYoCo75Wwg%3A1586742611837&ei=U8WTXp_WMqGJytMP6Mi84A0&
  • The Herald (Scotland): google .com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk03WzHTKcnDR_G68InoEHQBGJlWF_g%3A1586742724464&ei=xMWTXpH0G96IytMPk9uHkAM&
  • Irish Independent: google .com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk03q51krKy3wSHvAndGZdj8zc-sexQ%3A1586742789013&ei=BcaTXow39qzK0w_g2bjIAg&
  • Times of India: For example, Timesofindia .indiatimes .com/entertainment/english/music/news/Music-Review-Bulletproof-Picasso/articleshow/44837618.cms and and timesofindia .indiatimes .com/entertainment/english/music/news/Music-Review-For-You/articleshow/45474965.cms both have out-of-five ratings
  • The Scotsman: scotsman .com/arts-and-culture/music, additionally they’re an ADM source
  • Shields Gazette: google .com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk01Tzaij35IOxGQt6x9iL3DS1JtI7g%3A1586807201189&ei=ocGUXoyPC8CuytMPq-CgOA&
  • Daily Star: google .com/search?…69i57j69i58.7059j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  • The National (Ratings are on the right of each page): google .com/search?biw=1680&bih=880&sxsrf=ALeKk01b_AH4pma5u5pO194qY8upuSPOxQ%3A1586819197966&ei=ffCUXtfDOrCfytMP_LeR0A4&
  • Oakland Press: google .com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk00wXRtmQi-Dfu_SflT_IRey2MbgtQ%3A1586839575601&ei=F0CVXoyfJJeKytMPlZ6-wA0&
  • Dallas Morning News: Another used-to-rate source where its reviews are on Archive. For example, https:// web.archive .org/web/20121019172119/http://www.dallasnews .com/entertainment/columnists/mario-tarradell/20101101-CD-reviews-Jason-Aldean-455.ece
  • Sarasota Herald-Tribune: google .com/search?…69i57j69i58.5456j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  • Express and Star: google .com/search?…69i57j69i58.9585j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  • Edmonton Journal: google .com/search?biw=1680&bih=880&sxsrf=ALeKk00r7NGcf6N5PPBNXyXHyLnfdbVWGQ%3A1586904632203&ei=OD6WXq_5C4yeytMP5eGjqA4&
  • I newspaper (yes, the newspaper is just called i): inews
  • Etcetera: google .com/search?…69i57j69i58.5983j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  • Today (Singapore): They don’t rate currently, but they did as of this example, todayonline .com/entertainment/music/music-reviews/living-weekend-saturdays-255
  • Daily Mirror: Another sometimes rate, sometimes-don’t source: google .com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk00DzjDdcPbdCumGgNZJnUxOiiSGgw%3A1586912620611&ei=bF2WXqP5JJ6LytMP14yRkA4&
  • The Herald Sun: google .com/search?…69i57j69i58.6354j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  • Toronto Star: google .com/search?…69i57j69i58.5757j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  • New Castle Herald: google .com/search?…69i57j69i58.6342j0j4&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  • Belfast Telegraph: google .com/search?sxsrf=ALeKk03f-nuDkqsNsvMA8vyZ4yLQ0sPVng%3A1587008737627&ei=4dSXXvvvJaeoytMPp_ip8A8&

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Well The Skinny is going on hiatus (due to the covid19 pandemic) and Popmatters seems to have stopped scoring…

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Are there plans to add any new critics in the near future? Thanks.


Added today

Record Collector:


Classic Rock:

Louder Than War:


Rob, you’re the best :slight_smile:

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