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New Missy Elliott Album Tommorow!

ITS NOT A JOKE :heart_eyes:

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((Lizzo voice)): I been WAITING for this one!!

Seriously though, Yahoo Entertainment is saying it’s an EP but that appears to be based on something her manager said almost a year ago. The terminology everyone’s using seems deliberately vague (“project,” “collection of songs”) but I’m crossing my fingers.

Besides the eternally-teased Block Party There’ve been hints of new Missy for a while - the same year “WTF” dropped, Pharrell said he had been producing her new music for her, the video is titled “Pharrell is Working on Missy Elliott’s Album” but listening to what he actually says in the interview I don’t think he quite confirms this so it’s possible “WTF” was the sum of their collab.

Still hoping for the best - to me The Cookbook really proved she didn’t need Timbaland to make a great record (and she doesn’t enough credit for producing “Lose Control” by herself!) so hoping she can still bring the greatness 14 years on.